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Being a business owner and leader can be one of the most rewarding experiences, yet it comes with a its own set of challenges and can feel quite isolating at times.
Do you want to build a profitable, sustainable business, create a more dynamic team, or systemise your organisation?
Because having someone in your corner who has your back, brings a fresh perspective and wants to you achieve everything you are capable of not only speeds up the results, but also helps you enjoy the journey far more too!
My mission is to help you be the best YOU that you can be, so that you can be the best business owner, leader, manager, communicator, spouse, parent, friend etc too.
  • Become the leader you need to be to achieve your goals
  • Increase your turnover, margin and profits
  • Create the culture and environment that brings out the best from your team
  • Turn marketing into an investment rather than an expense
  • Put systems in place that provide consistent results
  • Communicate with and manage your team more effectively and engagingly
  • Find more time for your family, friends and other interests
Because when people thrive, businesses and organisations thrive – and our economy grows stronger.
I am here to inspire you to take ACTION and drive your life and business forward.
In the words of some of my clients:

“Sam’s passion for business is infectious, and her calm, supportive manner makes her a pleasure to deal with. All forward-thinking business owners should have a “Sam” in their life. She’s not afraid to give you a kick up the backside when it’s needed in a supportive, constructive way – like being massaged by a pink fluffy (but steel cap-toed) slipper.”

Steve Wilson, Focus Business Consultancy

“Working with Sam has been a breath of fresh air. Sam has helped me become more confident as a business owner and manager. I now have a much greater insight into the techniques I need to adopt to grow and strengthen my business, and am excited about the future, with an expanded vision and more energy to make it happen.”

Donna Jewell, Just Sign
Your business/career should be a vehicle to delivering financial success and your life goals; not drain the life out of you at the cost of your health, your family and
your sanity!
Who is Sam?
  • A professional coach, facilitator, author, trainer and speaker, Sam is an approachable Aussie with a wicked sense of humour and a “pull no punches” approach to life and business.
  • She’s your “unreasonable friend” who asks the hard questions, holds you accountable and as your #1 supporter, believes in you and your vision – and won’t let you settle for less.
  • Her creative and insightful approach will have you stretching your comfort zone and re-imagining your world, whilst equipping you with practical tools, systems and strategies to achieve tangible results.
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Sam Forsberg - Business & Executive Coach